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Watercolor Pencils Tutorials

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Watercolor Pencils Tutorials - Beginners and Beyond!

Watercolor pencils are insanely popular on my YouTube channel…

At first I couldn’t understand why, because although I have always used them as a supplement to my watercolor painting tools, I have not always used them alone as a separate medium. But I began to realise that the reason my audience loved them so much is that they are a perfect, non-scary bridge from drawing to painting. 

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Would you like a complete flower tutorial and to learn 10 beginners’ Watercolor Pencils tips? 

Here I paint a flower in watercolor pencils and give you my top 10 beginner tips for using this medium. I also show you some neat tricks for combining your watercolour pencils with watercolour paint to get texture and details. Try these methods in your own paintings, here you will find everything you need to get started in watercolor pencils including a full length step by step tutorial:

Of course knowing what not to do is just as important!

In this tutorial I look at some of the pitfalls, from using the wrong paper to just not understanding the medium. Did you know for example that the direction you blend the pigment in makes a huge difference? Watch this video and save yourself the heartache of easily avoidable mistakes.

Ready to move on and begin combining your Watercolor Pencils with paint?

In this video I show you 10 EASY ways you can add watercolor pencils to your paintings to make life simpler and get faster results. Includes real life examples and demonstrations of how I use Watercolor pencils on my own paintings to add detail, texture and interest

If you want to learn Watercolor Painting but don’t know how to get started, try my complete beginners course in Watercolor Painting. Absolutely no experience needed, complete basics, simple techniques, materials explained, right from the start:

Need more help? The options below are all free!

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