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Copyright information

Who owns the copyright if you buy a piece of artwork?

Purchase of artwork on this site does not include any rights to copyright, unless subject to a specific contract signed by both parties. Specifically the Buyer is purchasing the piece only, not the copyright. You should use common sense: in other words you can take a photo of your painting to show your Uncle Roy, but you can't print it on greetings cards and sell them. Copyright law also states that a signature on an original piece of art work must not be covered, removed or in any way altered or defaced.

Rights to images, photos and text on this site:

Copyright protection applies not only to products offered for sale on this website but also to all text and images posted by Michele Webber within the website generally and elsewhere on the internet. Original artwork, writing and associated products such as greetings cards must not be reproduced in any form whatsoever for commercial or non commercial purposes.

How you can share writing or image on this site (without infringing copyright)

Feel free to share links to pages and articles I have written on this (and other sites), to tweet, post on your blog, or share on facebook. I want it to be helpful to as many people as possible, so if you enjoyed it please share.


Images may be reproduced for personal study only, and you may print text only for your own educational use. All text is original, copyright Michele Webber. Products and Images are copyright Michele Webber and/or other accredited artists/sites.

If you wish to reproduce text or images by Michele Webber for non-commercial purposes (charity, education, press articles etc) of any kind either on the internet or elsewhere you will need to:

1) Ask permission 2) Include a short accreditation/copyright notice 3) include a link to Michele's website. Kindly contact me directly regarding this.

What is not allowed:

Under no circumstances must images or text be reproduced in magazines or other publications (including internet sites) in order to gain commercial profit. Any use of images that is not liable under law to be ‘reasonable use’ will be considered infringement and recompense will be actively sought by Michele Webber via legal means.

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