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My Watercolours Painting Starter Set

For years I have been helping students with their colour choices. Finally, when I got the chance to design my own set of paints I knew that colour mixing should be at the heart of everything.

watercolour paints starter set

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Colour wheels can be confusing!

Many art books use a colour wheel to explain how colours work, and this method is scientifically correct. However, if you just aren’t ‘good’ with colours it really isn’t much practical help to you.

So here is what I did:

Firstly I picked 8 tubes of colour that would enable the widest range of colours to be mixed. Then I wrote a leaflet which folds out into a double-sided A3 poster. On one side is a detailed explanation of the 8 basic colours, plus lots of handy tips on how to mix watercolours. The reverse of the leaflet is a colour chart, reproducing my original hand painted swatches, with ‘recipes’ for making a further 25 useful every day colours.

What can you mix?

This chart will enable you to mix natural greens, bright oranges, vibrant purples and soft neutral tones. From useful colours for grass, bricks, skies and flowers through to difficult to mix shades like wheat fields, skin tones and cream pottery.

How to buy:

You can view the set on the SAA Website by clicking the picture below. Priced (for members) at £33.99 (with free uk postage) it includes 8 large 14ml SAA tube watercolours, handy storage tin and my colour mixing leaflet. UK postage is free.

watercolour paints starter set

This set is not available in the shops; you can only buy it directly from me or via the SAA website! (Please note, the set on sale via the SAA has a different label and slightly different branding, but it is essentially the same set, and the same leaflet, at the same price)

Leaflet only:

If you would like additional, or replacement leaflets or just want the leaflet without the paints it is also available. The price is £3 (plus a small P&P charge), just click the photo below to view it in my shop.

Saa colour mixing leaflet
Notes about using other brands of paints.

The leaflet was designed for use with SAA watercolours and the swatches were painted with them. Whilst you may still find the leaflet useful with other brands, results will differ. All paints vary between brands as manufacturers use different ‘recipes’. Even paints with the same name (E.g. ‘Ultramarine’) will vary between brands. To get the most accurate results, use SAA paints alongside the leaflet.


Stan (SAA Member) from Tyneside, UK

The guide is so easy to follow that it makes mixing water colours simple; as soon as I saw it I knew it was the right thing for me. I have been using your chart for mixing my colours and it
is simplicity in itself, no more guesswork, get it right every time; skies, seas, grass, it all comes out great. Thanks a bunch I am fairly knew to water colour painting, I was struggling with the mixing of the paint but not any more, once again I thank you.

Phil (SAA Member) from Ipswich, UK

As a relative newcomer to watercolour painting I find mixing colours very difficult, however after obtaining a set of Michele Webber’s SAA Starter Colour Set as a present I soon overcame all the problems associated with mixing different colours whilst following the excellent “Recipe Guide” the mystery of mixing different colours using the eight colours has been lifted and I now am able to get the colours in my palette I require.

It’s well worth purchasing as I do not need to struggle to get the correct colours for my work. I will also save on paper as I usually end up binning work as the colours end up incorrect or muddy.

The eight tubes of watercolour come in a very sturdy tin and I must say I really liked the painting of the hollyhocks on the label, something I must aspire to recreate, as long as the artist is ok with that.  

Ian, Etsy customer, Chatham UK

I am over the moon with this, just what I have been after it's simple to follow and opens up new colours for me. On the golf course this morning I noticed tree barks look grey green, with this chart I hope to capture that. Thank you.

Georgina, Etsy customer, Hampshire UK (Leaflet only)

Great item, especially if you are learning how to use watercolours, like me. Would definitely recommend and it arrived so quickly. Very impressed all round. Thank you. xx

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