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Set of 4 x Watercolour Mixing Guide Posters

My unique watercolor mixing formulas will get you out of trouble every time.

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With these watercolour color mixing charts absolutely anyone can mix any colour, from any brand, because each colour swatch gives you 3 different recipes. Most watercolor mixing guides are difficult to understand and you need the exact same brand and colours. As a watercolour tutor with over 15 years experience teaching colour mixing I have simplified everything.

Watercolour mixing guides

100 everyday colours, 300 recipes: Each colour has three different recipe options for mixing, with no specific brand required. Of course there will be slight variations in results but the aim is to give you an excellent chance of getting as close as possible to the colour you need with what you already have in your box.

These posters are a real product, printed on quality paper, not a digital download, and I can send them to you anywhere in the world. You can put them on your studio wall, frame them, keep them in a portfolio, or display them to help your students. Invaluable for beginners, amazing for school children and perfect as a teaching aid for art teachers and tutors. Includes an extra worksheet of mixing tips and common similar colours to give you even more colour mixing options.

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Blues and Greens Poster: Natural, useful greens, blues of all types for skies and sea
Reds, Yellows and Oranges Poster: Everything from wheat fields to house bricks to red wine
Pinks and Purples Poster: Includes sunset pinks, berry fruits and moody purple cloud shadows
Neutrals and Skin Tones Poster: Pale neutrals and greys, leaves and wood, plus a selection of invaluable skin tone recipes

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Copyright Michele Webber (design) and Colin McAllister (graphic layouts) Reproduction of any form is illegal.


Four Posters each a standard UK A3 size, this is: 29.7 x 42.0cm or (11.69 x 16.53 inches)


This set of posters is part of a project of joint work (Icini Posters) with Colchester UK Illustrator Colin McAllister. You can see our range of fun and educational graphic posters here. My original artwork swatches were professionally scanned by a local family run print shop with exceptionally high standards, Colin McAllister arranged the graphic layout. After much checking and colour matching the posters were printed onto 170gsm Uncoated White Paper, Acid Free from an FSC Certified Mill


As an art tutor of many years I believe there is no product anywhere in the world that will help you mix watercolours so easily. Creating this set was a labour of love, using my extensive knowledge of pigments each recipe was mixed and tested. Each set of posters is sent out in a rigid cardboard tube, along with a worksheet to help you use them and discount codes for use against any further purchases from my fine art and poster shops.

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