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"No More Muddy Greens" Watercolour Set with unique mixing chart

Time and again I see students struggling to mix a wide range of natural, varied, clear greens so I decided to do something about it...

No More Muddy Greens Paint Set

Green is a secondary colour (ie mixed from two primaries) like Orange and Purple:

Technically there are not more greens than oranges or purples but from a point of view of nature, we see many more when looking about us each day.

Tube Greens can be harsh:

Pre-mixed tube greens can be harsh and unnatural. Although this has been improved in recent years as some of watercolour's top tutors have developed better tube greens. But the problem of over-reliance still exists - however good your tube green is, the chances of it being the right one out of the tens of thousands you see in nature is minimal.

What is in the set?

Four tubes of Yellow and four tubes of Blue paint which can be combined to create a huge range of greens. Plus my special leaflet which folds out into a double-sided A3 poster. On one side is a detailed explanation of the 8 basic colours, plus lots of handy tips on how to mix greens and avoid 'mud'. The reverse of the leaflet is a colour chart, reproducing my original hand painted swatches, with ‘recipes’ for making  25 beautiful greens.

What can you mix?

The chart includes fresh greens, yellow-greens, blue based aqua and sea greens, muted grey-greens and more.  And each colour is just a starting point; adjusting the water levels and moving the bias from yellow to blue or vice versa will give you hundreds more subtle variations. Scroll to the bottom of the page to see a painting done with the colours from the set!

How to buy:

You can view the set on the SAA Website by clicking the picture below. Priced (for members) at £33.99 (with free uk postage) it includes 8 large 14ml SAA tube watercolours, handy storage tin and my colour mixing leaflet. UK postage is free. Regular students can purchase directly from me (please note that the label may be different on the SAA site, it is the same set, just alternative packaging).

No More Muddy Greens Paint Set

As featured in the SAA Art Catalogue:

(Scroll further down to see a larger version of the featured painting)

how-to mix-greens-watercolour-watercolor

'Tulips and Chrysanthemums'

The painting below was done with colours from the SAA "No More Muddy Greens" set, as well as a few pinks from the rest of the range:

Tulips and Chrysanthemums


Centre of Lilac flower:  'Lime'

Centres of White Chrysanthemums:  'Autumn Foliage'

Shadows on White Chrysanthemums:  'Distant Trees'

Chrysanthemum leaves and stems: 'Grey Green'

Tulip Leaves and Stems: 'Tulip Leaf'

Background (top):  'Lagoon'

Background (bottom):  'Sweet Pea'

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