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Painting a poppy petal

Watercolour blending technique: Here I am starting to put a poppy onto an acrylic bubbles background. The first layer of red paint is already dry. First I paint the front petal, then before it is dry I add the deep shadow for the centre of the poppy. Using green as it is the opposite of red and will give me a nice neutral. Then ramping up the contrast with some deep grey. The trick to this technique is working quickly and making sure the second colour is thick and not too wet. This way you will get blending, not runs and drying lines. Also, remember to get some kitchen paper ready before you start, you will see I had to use my fingers to squeeze the excess water out of my brush 🙈Paper: Saunders Waterford High White (stretched). Paints: Talens Rembrandt Permanent light red, Chromium Oxide Green and Payne's grey.

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