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A professional set of 10 hand-made watercolors

In collaboration with British company Jackman's Art Supplies, I'm delighted to tell you about the set of colours I have designed especially for flower and garden painters of all levels; The Floral Set.


With years of experience teaching and painting botanical garden subjects, I know the challenges experienced. Because it's so easy to get unnaturally bright greens or 'kill' your petals with muddy shadows. So here I offer you my solution: 10 natural hues, including 3 vibrant but natural greens, 6 beautiful floral colours and my unique shadow colour, formulated to work both on white and coloured blooms. Plus you also get my special Watercolor Mixing Guide showing you how to mix 10 more unique colors; more greens, more florals, more shadows...


Each set of 10 colours has been specially designed and tested from the ground up with artists in mind. 

Available in 14ml Tubes or Hand Poured Half Pans

Includes a German Quality Steal Artist Tin (Black)

The Floral Set comes with or without a size 8 round synthetic brush, handmade in Germany by skilled crafts people.

Vegan friendly! No animal products are used at all in our Binder or Pigments. This set is fully Vegan.  Instead, each uses our signature fully synthetic watercolour binder.

Each set contains:

10 lovingly crafted colors for watercolorists


Delphinium - PB 15 & PR 122

Designed for flowers that are ‘blue’, can be made more so with the addition of a little ultramarine, or add a little pink for strong purples.

Fresh Green -  PG 7, PY 3 & PO 20

Designed to give really bright greens without the unnatural look many tube greens have.

Darkest Green – PB 27 & PY 3

Made to go dark when used strongly, but also makes soft muted greens with the addition of water.

Soft Green - PB 35, PY 3 & PR 122

For those greens which border on grey, this is a great colour for pale, muted greens.

Petal Shadow - PB 35, PY 3 & PR 122

This colour was made specifically for adding shadow to white flowers without ‘killing’ them, it is mixed with a lilac bias, meaning you can use it on yellow flowers too, without getting green.

Buttercup - PY 37 & PY 3

A bright, sunny yellow, good for all types of yellow flowers and also very useful for adjusting greens and pushing pinks towards peach.

Marigold - PO 13 & PY 3

A fresh clear orange that can be used alone, added to pink florals or dropped into greens to add brightness.

Poppy Red - PR 254 & PY 3

A bright, orange biased red, fantastic for poppies, can be added to yellow for strong deep oranges.

Hollyhock - PR 122, PR 170 & PR 101

A deep crimson red, great for dark pink flowers, watered down it makes natural rose hues.

Clematis – PR 122 & PR 254

A strong blue biased pink, fantastic for bright pink flowers, it also mixes purples and lilacs with the addition of blue.


Your Floral Set watercolor paints also come with

A high quality steel tin that will stand the test of time

For your painting box you might also want to include

Jackman's high quality, handmade, synthetic size 8 round brush 

  • A crisp point that maintains during use.

  • The perfect snap & spring, giving the artist an exceptional ‘give & take' between the brush and painting surface.

  • Superior, consistent & even flow control from the belly of the brush straight through to the point.

And of course you also get my special Mixing Guide showing you how to mix 10 more unique colors giving you even more value and scope to paint the things you want to paint, with fantastic results. I have many years experience designing color mixing products and so this leaflet will make mixing easy - even if you struggle to understand color theory.

I look forward to your feedback.  I hope this unique painting set makes your painting easier and more rewarding; it's great seeing what people say about The Floral Set!

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Painting with Watercolor



Best pan paints I’ve ever bought!


I follow Michele Webber online and saw a video using these new paints she co-developed with Jackman’s. I live in the US and they arrived promptly. The paints are the smoothest, most color saturated of any brand pan paints I’ve purchased in the past (W&N, Daniel Smith). Very useful colors for more than just flowers and the variations from combining them are very nice. Not garish but very vibrant. I’m very happy with them.


Michele Webber’s paint series.


I love the colors and mixes possible. I love them.


Bright and Beautiful.


For a beginner, this palette is exciting and fun to use. It’s playful and subtle at the same time. If you love painting bright colors without a muddy look, this will fulfill your expectations. For the joy of watercolor without worrying about too much color mixing.


Michele Webbers Watercolor Floral set

Great botanical colours, the pinks and reds were particularly useful as they are hard to mix for some flowers. I also loved the petal shadow colour, so useful!!


Amazing florals finally launch!

This is the best set you can possibly get for florals and so many uses for other things too. You’ll fall in love :-)

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