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Students' Testimonials:

Here you can read comments by current and past students, and see some of their lovely artwork. My students range in ages from children to mature people, and from complete beginners through to those who enter their work in exhibitions and even on occasion professional artists, because artists always love to learn new techniques. Class and course attendees have included people from all walks of life; students at uni, stay at home mums, career professionals and those who are retired.

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Michele encourages us to try new things, when I started the art group I only painted flowers because I thought that was what I was good at. However, Michele has demonstrated new techniques and with a variety of subject matter I have grown and developed.
It has been really exciting to hold our own exhibition and to have been encouraged to enter local exhibitions where I have sold art works. The group is so relaxed and friendly, a real stress buster after a busy week! Thank you Michele.

Watercolour & Collage by Liz

Liz, Great Cornard, Suffolk

I started with not a lot of confidence, and had private lessons with Michele, she encouraged me every step of the way and I started to really relax and enjoy my painting, after several months Michele asked me if I would like to join the art group, from the moment I first walked in every one was so welcoming, I have been going now for nearly a year, we are all at different levels and all bar none have individual skills we all share, thanks to Michele's relaxed approach and teaching. Best of all we have fun.

Dip Pen & Watercolour by Colin

Colin, Alphamstone, Essex

I have been attending Michele's art classes for nine years and I have enjoyed every single minute of them.... even painting trees, which I still find extremely difficult.  Michele is an excellent teacher.  She is constructive but never criticizes.  She always tells us that everyone has different styles so therefore anything we attempt is viewed in a positive light.  When I go to Australia shortly I will miss the art class - my Saturday mornings will not be the same.  We have fun but at the same time we also learn in a relaxed atmosphere.

Watercolour by Denise 

Denise, Sudbury, Suffolk
(Editors note: Denise never did move to Australia and is still enjoying her art classes!)

The art class that Michele Webber takes is low key or high end as you wish. She has given me confidence to see what is good in my paintings. The class itself is full of people from all walks of life, very relaxed and friendly; we meet every Saturday in term time.

Watercolour by Rose

Rose, Leavenheath nr Colchester, Essex

The only male in the class: I have been going to Michele’s Saturday art class for about three years. I started the class with some trepidation; I’m not really much of a “class goer”! Naturally you worry about your own ability and whether it will prove an embarrassment but I went along anyway, at the time I was the only male in the class of about 12 students. No worries! Michele and the rest of the class were very welcoming, I soon felt at home as part of a class of wonderful characters with mixed abilities and a lively sense of humour!
I think my own ability has improved immeasurably under Michele’s guidance and since starting the class I have exhibited my work locally at a number of exhibitions.  Michele always has an encouraging word, helpful suggestions and a great deal of patience.
I look forward to the class every week during “term time” and more recently the class has met more informally during the summer break where we paint al fresco and have a “bring and share” picnic at a locally beauty spot. Usually a lot of talking, plenty of picnicking and not a great deal of painting….. but always great fun!!  
These days I’m no longer the only male in the class, not that it ever really mattered anyway. What has been wonderful is being part of the group, watching everyone improve and being part of it! Thank you Michele and everyone else too!

Steve, Halstead, Essex

Our tutor Michele is very talented and driven, has the patience of a saint! And what I like best is that she shows you the process she goes through from start to finish with a piece of her own artwork.

Paula, Hadleigh, Suffolk

I chose a class given by Michele because having seen her work and admiring it very much indeed, I thought she could teach me, inspire me and that would be everything I would wish for. Her classes are so friendly, so instructive, each one of us trying to paint to the best of our ability. I have no hesitation of recommending anyone with an interest in art to join, they would never regret it.

Joan, Great Cornard, Suffolk

I was introduced to Michele's art class by my friend Denise, when I moved back to the Sudbury area 4 years ago. Art was never something I was any good at during my school days and I seriously wondered whether I would be completely out of my depth. And guess what - sometimes I am, but it doesn't matter!  Even when I walk round and see that everybody else has produced something much better than me, I really don't mind. It's not about who's the best or the worst, just enjoying a couple of hours chilling out, drawing and painting, having a coffee and a chat.  Michele gives you as much or as little tuition as you want and even though I'm still pretty poor at times, I have definitely improved. Our art show was great fun and I even sold a couple of pictures (one to my dad and another to Denise's mum......but two sales nevertheless!). I would recommend the class to anyone who wants a relaxed, friendly atmosphere in which to improve their art skills with a like-minded group of people.

Julie, Great Waldingfield, Suffolk

I have attended Michele’s Saturday classes for four years now. I have learnt so much, but I still have great difficulty translating that knowledge into meaningful marks on the paper! Many less patient than Michele would have given up on me by now – but no – Michele is always positive and encouraging, as are the other students.

If it was just about producing the perfect picture I would have left long ago, but Michele ensures that all talent is fostered – even though mine lies more in the direction of the tea and chat than the art!

Jo, Sible Hedingham, Essex

I joined Michele's Saturday Art Class for the summer term. I have found it a very friendly class and that everybody who attends seems to look forward to and enjoy.  I personally have learned lots while I have been there, especially painting with watercolour. I have also gained the confidence to exhibit some of my work for the first time in a local show. I would recommend Michele's art class to any artist, if you are just beginning and are nervous, Michele is a very patient teacher and will boost and encourage your ability also if you been an artist for some time its a great friendly place to spend time with people who share the same passion.

Ria, Sudbury, Suffolk

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