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** Content is still being uploaded to this page thanks for your patience...

On this page you can view original artwork that is now SOLD. 

Where did it sell and who to?
Hover your cursor over the image to read a brief description of its sale.

Can I get a print or a similar piece? 

Paintings -  are scanned in high definition and (most) are available as prints. Click the picture and it will take you to the limited edition print so you can view prices.

Mosaics - are one off pieces, Click the picture to see other mosaics available.

Lino Prints - are individual and all different but sometimes a series of similar images is created. Click the picture and it will take you to another in the series if it is available. Not all prints in a series may be listed online so it is worth enquiring if you like a particular print.

Making Art Simple!

Easy art techniques and useful business advice for artists of all levels...

Saa colour mixing leaflet & Paint Set

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