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Michele Webber

• Do you want to get better at painting and drawing but feel no one ever explains the techniques fully enough?

 • Are you frustrated by vague or overly complicated tutorials?

 • Would you like to start exhibiting and selling your work - but it seems like the art world is a secret club and no one wants to explain the rules?

 • Do you lack confidence in your artistic abilities?

 Michele Webber Testimonial

Hi, my name is Michele and I work as an artist.

Unlike many artists I didn’t go to art college and I didn’t get much encouragement as a child. When I said I wanted to be an artist I was told it wasn’t a realistic goal for someone of my background.

So I gave up. I stopped drawing and for years I worked in offices. And things didn’t get better. I ended up penniless, a single mother to a young daughter, sleeping on my mother’s sofa bed and claiming social benefits.

At that point I had literally nothing to lose. I felt angry that I had wasted so much time, because I still wanted to be an artist. Again people told me I was being irresponsible because I was a mother now and should get a proper job.

So I threw myself into the industry head first. I hadn’t picked up a pencil in nearly 20 years. I didn’t know how to do anything or how to make money in this business. I made every mistake going, but discovered I had more determination and resources than anyone had given me credit for.

What happened next? Read on and I will tell you how I can help you solve the problems I encountered by bypassing the mistakes I made.

 Michele Webber Testimonial

At this point you may be wondering if I am going to try and sell you something? Nope. Of course I have services and products and those are available if you want them. But I also have a lot of free content that you can access, because when I started out I didn’t have any money. Other artists helped me and I want to help you. You shouldn’t be out there feeling lost and unsupported.

My wish for you is that you gain confidence in your artwork, and gain new skills both artistic and practical.

Michele Webber Testimonial

So what did I learn whilst in my training as an artist?

• I learned to draw again and discovered a talent for watercolour painting and colour mixing.

• I learned business, marketing and social media to promote my work.

• I became a teacher, a demonstrator and learned to speak in public, on the radio and on video.

• I designed art materials and completed illustration commissions.

• I learned practical skills like framing, graphic design and photography.

• I ran successful exhibitions, curating other artists and learning their difficulties and needs.

 Michele Webber

Where to start?

In addition to a ton of free articles and videos right here on my website there are two places you can go to get support and free art tuition and advice from me.

The first is my Facebook Group. Whether you are just about to pick up your pencil after several decades away from art or you are a semi-professional or professional artist, come and join us. Share your work, chat with other members and get help, advice and first access to new stuff. It’s a super friendly and supportive environment and I personally guarantee if anyone is mean to you I will kick them out - no toxic people in my group, ever. Click the picture to visit my group:

 Michele Webber Artist Facebook

The second place you can go is my YouTube Channel. I am fairly new to YouTube, and new videos are added at least once a week. I got to the stage where I was frustrated by dragging boxes of art equipment around teaching venues and getting messages from people who lived hundreds of miles away asking for tuition. I still teach in person, but going forward I will be reaching a lot more people online. If you click subscribe (it’s free) you will be able to find my channel whenever you want it. Click the little bell next to the subscribe buttons and YouTube will let you know whenever a new video is out too. Click the picture to visit my YouTube Channel:

 Michele Webber YouTube Art

I look forward to helping you with your artistic ambitions,

Michele X













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