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ArtWorking Sudbury

Networking Group for Arts Professionals

In the Suffolk and Essex Border town of Sudbury

Try our first meeting for free, just email me to book in so I can make sure there is enough food and coffee to go around!

Next meeting Tuesday 25th September 7am

Twice monthly breakfast networking meetings: Take control of your success!

Held in the delightful 'Duck in Boots' shop at 1 King Street, Sudbury, try a meeting for free before deciding if you want to join.

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Why networking for artists? Because over the past couple of years I have found networking an absolutely amazing way of gaining help and support for my business and moving my skill set forward. There are loads of great local networking groups, but until now there was not one in Sudbury for artists and craftspeople, addressing the things they need help with specifically. Sudbury has an incredible arts community and I have been involved in it for years, it's my goal to help make it even better. Talent simply is not enough in the arts, business skills and real world connections are absolutely vital. Investing in networking is investing in your future success.

Who can come along? Anyone who works in the arts, maybe you are an illustrator, a photographer, a sculptor or a gallery owner. You may be a seasoned professional artist, or perhaps you are just starting out - there is no gender discrimination, I will never run networking where men are not welcome.

What's included?

If you decide to join then the cost is £25 per month

Payment is due in advance on the first of each month and you can leave at anytime.


Two breakfast meetings per month on Tuesdays 7am to 8.45am at Duck in Boots Sudbury. These will include informal socialising, talks from local experts, practical art skill sharing, and 'round table' discussions on everything from pricing to social media. Schedule coming soon

Pastries, fresh fruit and tea/coffee If you work full time you will be able to eat and still get to work on time.

Discounts from local businesses and trades that artists' use all the time. List of discounts coming soon, I am actively negotiating these now.

Once a month social drinks evening Hosted jointly by myself and Sarah Underhay, owner of Duck in Boots shop. First date in September coming soon.

Making Art Simple!

Easy art techniques and useful business advice for artists of all levels...

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